Founder/CEO (f/m/d)

Founder/CEO (f/m/d)

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PublishedPublished: 26.9.2022
Full time

One of our key aims at Founders Factory is making the process of launching a startup more accessible. To do that, we mitigate the biggest risks for entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and give them the support they need to thrive and grow. We believe that by partnering with you, the world’s best entrepreneurs, we can build technology companies that solve our world's biggest challenges. We’ve spent years perfecting a platform that shortcuts - and de-risks - building a business from scratch. We bring together bold ideas, exceptional entrepreneurs, capital, expert operational support, and the scale of our corporate partners, to turn bold ideas into back-able businesses.

To put it simply, our Venture Studio is a fast-track for entrepreneurs to go from idea to scale. Together we will 1) validate ideas, 2) build the MVP and 3) test, iterate and acquire first customers. And when we’re confident that we’ve proven the concept (typically after 6-months), we’ll help you accelerate your launch with an additional cash injection.

One of the newest concepts we are building in our studio is Prism.

🧐The Problem:

The future of work is moving towards flexible work. With the great resignation in a Post-Covid world, this is truer now more than ever. An UpWork survey by Edelman concluded that over half of the US workforce is predicted to be freelance by 2027. There are new forms of work enabling this market shift that didn’t exist before with the rapid maturation and adoption of Web3 technology. Tokens: New forms of ownership in token incentives means users can be owners. DAOs: New ways to for communities to organise can enable equity for previously disenfranchised workers. Network effects: Financial utility can be used to bootstrap until product utility catches up i.e. solves Cold Start problem contract-linked risk.

💰 So what is Prism:

Prism connects hiring companies with expert freelance talent and introduces a more equitable commercial model, meaning employers pay less, and contractors receive more. It uses web3 token incentives to help scale both sides of the marketplace. These tokens will form a powerful economy at the heart of the business powering critical JTBD. At the centre we have a matching & workflow platform which will help employers assemble their team. We have incentivised onboarding flows for employers and talent, and a network of experienced recruiters, working for tokens, who will vet talent, ensuring quality of supply is paramount.

💸 The Vision: 

Prism will be a community-owned freelance talent platform, enabling users to build their professional reputation on the blockchain, scaling trust beyond immediate networks.

📈Unfair advantage:

Prism y will benefit from FFactory + FForum’s position in the market to help scale hiring companies (demand side of the marketplace) as we are uniquely positioned at the centre of the most enviable network in tech.

As our first founder, you will:

    • Execute the successful build and launch of Prism
    • Set a clear vision for the business (including product direction)
    • Activate partnerships and supercharge growth by building out the marketplace
    • Have strong Data, Product and/or Engineering experience (ideally web3 experience in tokenomics) 
    • Have experience in a leadership capacity (you love challenges and solving complex problems)
    • Bonus points for experience in providing contractor talent to employers as a recruitment consultant or member of an in-house talent team
    • Be constantly experimenting with new technologies and tools to drive innovation and creativity
    • Be brilliant at hiring and retaining a world class team beyond the founders
    • Bring together industry partners to create sizeable unfair advantage

What you'll get:

    • Once we've launched your product, we'll invest £150K into your new business
    • Hands-on operational support from a team of smart and passionate people across design, engineering, product, growth marketing, talent, and more
    • Unparalleled access to our corporate partners and wider network (for life!)
    • Office space, co-located with other companies and our team
    •  A unique opportunity to build a business that will scale

We are committed to building a diverse culture and are eager to receive applications from all backgrounds. All applicants will receive consideration for employment without discrimination.

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