Founder Associate

Founder Associate

locationParis, France
location Sales & Business Development


In a world where we spend more time on screens than not, Opal is a partner to your digital well-being, helping you save time, find focus and develop a healthier, more balanced relationship with screens.

There has never been a more exciting time to join us.

Since launch in January 2021, we have raised $5.5m from great investors who share our vision.


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Job description

As a Founder Associate, you will support the Founder/CEO on top business priorities, such as unlocking new growth, driving alignment on strategy and building foundational infrastructure.

Possible topics include:

  • Corporate & Governance:Board, Legal, fundraising, cash flow.
  • Growth: supporting marketing initiatives, content, partnerships, business development.
  • Talent: sourcing and recruiting, organizing Sprints and Meetups.
  • Brand & Communication: PR, Design, Corporate Brand.
  • Product: weekly release cycle, AB tests, identify and explore strategic product opportunities.
  • Strategy: contribute to the strategic vision of the company, produce business analyses, build models of growth, etc..
  • Other: People topics, knowledge topics, organizational topics.

Examples of recent projects

  • Series Seed fundraising: prepare Pitch Deck, track core KPIs, financial analysis, coordinate with investors and legal partners
  • Contribute to weekly release cycle and AB tests: establish key goals, building dashboards and processes to track KPIs, analyze learnings, present to the team.
  • Build an MVP for a new feature: in-depth market research, host user interviews, competitive analysis, and technical and design exploration.
  • Contribute to new editorial strategy from scratch: involvement on definition of editorial line, research editors and writers in our space, define hiring targets, define KPIs and run experiments.
  • Running point on B2B pilot: participate in the sales process, work with product to build a landing page, produce reporting, suggest core product improvements based on feedback.
  • Launching Opal Multiplayer: work with product and growth teams to build effective acquisition campaigns and perfect retention/usage metrics
  • Cash flow analysis: analyze monthly cash flows and growth ROI, identify opportunities for improvements and unlock new growth.
  • And many more…

Key outcomes by the end of the internship

By the end of the internship period, the intern will have:

  • Supported the Founder/CEO,owning and delivering on a high-volume and broad range of topics.
  • Learned how a VC backed, early-stage consumer startup operates, and contribute on a broad range of topics, interacting with most of Opal’s core functions and external partners (investors, advisors, consultants).
  • Created new processes and resources, and contributed innovative ideas to improve Founders Associates team efficiency and autonomy.
  • Contributed directly/acted as project coordinator to/for at least one strategic company project (fundraising, new feature launch, new growth channel launch, etc.).

Preferred experience

What you should bring along

  • Outstanding analytical skills, demonstrated ability to break down complex problems, ability to frame the right questions, objectively analyze and evaluate a problem or issue, and problem-solve including simulating possible outcomes.
  • Thirst for growth, competitive education background or early entrepreneurial experience;
  • Outstanding writing skills, as writing is the basis of our communication internally and externally, the ability to effectively cause both understanding and action in others without the use of direct power is essential.
  • Strong execution skills — you can get things done fast and influence people towards a particular objective.
  • Entrepreneur mindsetto seek opportunities to help with all aspects of the business - act like an owner with the goal to usually make correct decisions;
  • Fluentin English; All our communications are written and in English.

Would be nice to have

  • Education in Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics;
  • Interestfor mindfulness science and research;

Recruitment process

Please send your résumé and a cover letter in English