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Data analyst

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Analytics starts with a question! Can you tell the story behind the data? Are you comfortable with data and analytics? Are you a data analyst, data scientist or aspire to become one? In Blub Blub We are looking for a passionate Data Analyst (junior or mid) who would join us and work on our Speech Blubs app (speechblubs.com), which has already helped over 4,000,000 kids from all around the world!

We help kids aged 1-5 develop their speech and primary language through approved therapeutic techniques, while using different technological approaches such as video-modelling, AI, facial recognition, voice activation and even personalization for each user.

You would help us make sense of data to deliver an even better product. You can enjoy being autonomous and independent in your work, conceptualize and suggest findings on your own. You might be making your first practical steps in data science with us solving real world problems.

Your responsibilities: 

  • Your day will start with an overview of the company’s KPI’s and determine the course of action.     
  • Your main responsibility will be the setup of AB tests to support product development. With the product team you will prepare KPI’s, set up the experiments, monitor and analyze experiment results with the goal to provide insight for product development. 
  • It is about measuring thus the maintenance and setup of analytical events as a key part of the job. Reliable and efficient tracking will allow you to answer all your analytical questions. 
  • Data is not always readily available in the shape you need it to be. Combining shaping and presenting data will be one of your responsibilities. 
  • As a data analyst you will be working with other departments on a daily basis providing help and insight in data relevant questions. 

What we are looking for: 

  • You have the necessary statistical skills. The words, statistical significance, standard error, funnel, retention are part of your vocabulary. 
  • Excel is your best friend. You can solve most of your data queries in excel. 
  • You have experience in analytical and/or BI tools like: GA, Mixpanel, Amplitude, Metabase, PowerBI, Tableau…

Bonus points:

  • Knowledge of SQL, MongoDB is a plus.
  • Experience in Python, R, JavaScript or any other programming language that deals with data is a plus. 

You have: 

  • Passion for data in all shapes and sizes. 
  • Good communication skills to share and present your findings to key stakeholders in English. 
  • A “make it happen” mentality and are not afraid to tackle new challenges.
  • The ability to work in a team or alone

What do we offer:

  • Full-time contract with 6-month probationary period 
  • Young, agile and ambitious team with the vision of making an impact
  • Structured pay raise plan based on personal bi-annual and annual goals
  • Personal mentorship, opportunities to visit conferences, take online technical courses and participate in internal development workshops
  • Flexible working hours and different home office / office combinations
  • All work equipment & open modern office space in the centre of Ljubljana

More about Blub Blub

Blub Blub Inc. creates high-quality smart screen time for children through our flagship Speech Blubs app, which was released in 2017 and is now the #1 speech and language app and #5 top-grossing app for children in the U.S.A. The app boosts young children’s comprehension and extends their vocabulary, whilst improving their pronunciation, attention, and even their emotional regulation.

We intend to become a leading player in early childhood education sector, with the offering of products that will help our users from saying the first words to having all the skills necessary to have a headstart in school.

Our team includes designers, marketers, growth experts, UX experts, data analysts, engineers, marketers, content creators, early education experts and psychologists. We are user- and customer-centric, data-informed, impact driven, and revenue-oriented. 

We have offices in Ljubljana (Slovenia), but work globally with experts, therapists, modeling agencies, and video production partners from Florida, London, Madrid, Johannesburg, Zagreb, …

If you want to test our app, let us know and we will be happy to send you a promo code!