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Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Manager

remoteFully remote
PublishedPublished: 6.7.2021
Customer service
Full time
Mid-senior level
What we are looking for

We are committed that our users will develop an affectionate relationship with Airbank. As Customer Success Manager, you'll develop customer relationships and promote retention and loyalty. You live and breath our customers' needs and collaborate closely with them to ensure they are thrilled by the services they receive and improve upon areas of dissatisfaction. In your role, you will connect closely with both the marketing and sales teams to ensure consistent messaging and communications with our users.

What you will be responsible for
  • Providing technical product support and helping customers understand the full range of benefits of Airbank based on their business needs and user profiles.
  • Helping customers to better understand new features and product releases.
  • Analysing customer data and user flows and optimising how our users interact with us.
  • Establishing customer support processes and creating policies and procedures that optimise the customer experience.
  • Creating an internal knowledge base and customer help center.
  • Helping make our product more intuitive and avoid frequent issues to minimise support tickets
  • Building a team of customer support agents.
  • Working closely with our product and engineering teams to understand customer use cases, becoming the primary advocate for our customer needs internally, and driving issue escalation and new product development.
  • You bring something new from your culture, background, or previous experiences that enriches our team. We grow together as Airbank when everyone adds to our culture and we'd invite you to contribute as well.
Your profile
  • Skills: A compassionate and fluid communication style, able to naturally engage and develop warm user relationships. You live and breathe customer research and are committed to increasing customer satisfaction. You have a solid understanding of banking solutions and are excited to understand Airbank's product inside-out.
  • Experience: Proven work experience in customer support, ideally for similar solutions. Good understanding of customer success techniques.
  • Ambition: You are highly committed, responsive, and target driven. We're a company that's growing fast, and we want you to grow with us.
  • Personality: You are outcome-focused, have a cheerful attitude, and a high level of energy. You strive to approach things in a positive and optimistic way.
  • Fun: You allow yourself to have fun at work and are thrilled by building a company together with other highly motivated and easy going colleagues. At Airbank we move quickly, together, and also have a lot of fun doing so.
  • Languages: Fluent in German and proficiency in English (or vice versa).
Benefits of joining Airbank
  • A remote-first work environment with a flexible schedule: Because we have are building for a vision, not a time sheet. Need to run quick errands during the day? Yes please!
  • A fun, friendly, and collaborative environment: Also in a remote setting, we make sure that work schedules are not creeping steadily into your private life.
  • A team of individuals who share a strong work ethic and company values: Airbank is a place for everyone to grow as Airbank grows itself.
  • A competitive salary & bonus: We offer an attractive, competitive fixed salary and let you participate in the upside with a variable bonus.
  • Time for you: We invite all team members with more than 12 months tenure to take voluntary time off beyond their usual vacation budget. We want everyone to plan their individual schedule for recharging and coming back with full batteries.
  • Opportunity for career progression and personal development: We'll provide a personal development budget and lift you to the next stage of your career. While we are sad to see great people leave, we'll do everything in our power to make your next step just as impactful!
  • An allowance for your dream home-office setup: Whether you need a second screen, a professional mic and camera, professional lightning, or just some greens for better ambiance, we want your desk to be as professional and enjoyable as possible.
About the application

We know that perfect candidates don’t exist. Even if not all of the above criteria apply to you, we’d love to learn more about you.

Confidentiality: We appreciate that you may be quite happy at your current job, and may not be actively looking for something new. We wouldn’t want to mess that up, so all applications will be treated as confidential.


How to apply

If you want your application to stand out, make an introduction to an ideal target customer.

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