Back-End Developer

Back-End Developer

locationParis, France
location Backend Developer

The company

MyDataModels is the only Small Data automated predictive modeling software vendor for domain experts.

“Leading the Small Data predictive analytics revolution by providing an easy-to-use Predictive Modeling tool, it’s Our Mission. Giving every professional in every domain, access to Machine Learning/predictive models, it’s Our Vision.”

Job description

Main mission, purpose of the position

  • Implement/maintain backend services
  • Control the application of best practices and design patterns used
  • Communicate backend knowledge to new comers

Activities and tasks

  • Purpose enhancement
  • Control the quality of the code
  • Participate in tasks and features refinement
  • Implement tools for data integrity checks
  • Advise on best practices for sharing confidential, sensitive data
  • Review, validate or reject merges requests

Internal and external relations


  • The other members of the backend team
  • The members of the front team
  • The members of the core team
  • The Product Managers
  • The QA Manager
  • Architects

Externally: none

Working conditions and place of work

The contract is based on 218 working days per year (including a day of solidarity) for a full-time position. Your main activity will be carried out in MyDataModels’ offices located in Sophia Antipolis (Alpes Maritimes). You may be required to travel in France and abroad as part of your job.

The candidate

Experience: 3+ years

Training/Diplomas: Master / Engineer

Computer technical skills

  • Use programming languages Java
  • Know programming languages Scala or functional programming paradigm
  • Use testing frameworks
  • Use Git, relational and nonrelational databases
  • Know how to use Docker
  • Know how to measure Quality of code
  • Know TDD, BDD
  • Know the micro-service architecture
  • Know the Gitlab platform
  • Know Cloud constraints

Behavioral skills

  • Develop excellent relationships with other departments
  • Be responsive
  • Be able to present a topic to the rest of the team / company

Cross-curricular skills

  • Know how to be an actor in Agile project management
  • Fluency in English
  • Know how to effectively synthesize and transmit a need, an anomaly, critical information, a flaw, …
  • Know how to apply good security practices

The team

Part of the Backend team (1 senior Backend Developer (R&D Engineer), 1 Backend Developer (R&D Engineer), 1 Technical Lead / Architect (Architect), 1 Devops (Devops Engineer) and under the responsibility of the technical lead.

Team’s main mission

  • Design communication architectures allowing effective message transmission between services
  • Implement and deploy these architectures
  • Design, implement and deploy TADA digital and Pro backend services
  • Maintain production
  • Present data for reporting
  • Design / Prototype R&D evolution

Status, category, grade



Position in the convention: 2.2 Coef. 130

Remuneration: To be determined based on experience