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Agile Coach (d/m/f)

Agile Coach (d/m/f)

locationKreisfreie Stadt Berlin, Berlin, Germany
location Sales & Business Development | Product Manager

Agile Coach (d/m/f)

Job description


We are a fintech startup, working in an area ripe for disruption: accounting and bookkeeping. CANDIS uses Artificial Intelligence to automate tedious financial processes (think: collecting invoices, data entry, pre-account assignment, and payments) for small and medium-sized companies. We use Machine Learning to automate accounting processes, automate accounting workflows, and empower companies with real-time data and insights to make better financial choices.

Our Values:

We live by one simple phrase: YES WE CANDIS!

  • YES: Positive Thinking & Persistence - “Optimists find solutions, pessimists find problems.” And we know: there is always a solution.
  • WE: Collaboration & Humanity - The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We act as a company, but respect each person. We are empathetic and humble.
  • CAN: Learning & Improving - “Try. Learn. Improve.” We accept that we do not know everything and act fast to become better.
  • DIS: Focus & Ownership - We execute with clear focus and make sure that tasks are delivered.

About the Role:

As our Agile Coach, you will guide the product development life cycle and work with the Product & Tech team to continuously improve processes and adapt them to company needs. You will help to ensure constant delivery at a good pace and with high quality by enabling and empowering the Product & Tech team to remove obstacles.

You will support the team with process building and optimization, and enable them to do Agile work independently. You will work to establish a pattern of continuous improvement for our product teams and the organization at large by analyzing project data, identifying bottlenecks, and suggesting changes to improve outcome, effectiveness, and productivity.

You will grow the Agile community in-house: educate and grow Agile knowledge and capabilities for CANDIS employees to support overall team health. You’ll coordinate, facilitate, and educate on Agile practices, ensuring teams are set up for success. You’ll also deal with conflicts and mediate efficiently while contributing actively to a sustainable and collaborative, team-oriented culture.

      Job requirements

      What You Bring: 

      • Commitment to servant leadership (You know how to lead by example and how to bring out the best in people.) 

      • Experience working in Agile environments coaching a variety of disciplines within product teams (ideally in a high growth startup environment)  

      • Deep understanding of Agile practices and methodologies (You not only know the what, but also the why - and you’re willing to advocate for it!) 

      • Passion for continuously optimizing processes and workflows

      • Strong communication skills (You excel when working collaboratively.) 

      • Skill in both facilitating and educating people and teams

      • Comfortable with (good) conflict: challenging, changing, or dissolving existing constraints

      • Fluent English

      Bonus points: 

      • Experience working with teams outside of Product & Tech 

      • Experience building an Agile coaching structure within an organization

      • Advanced experience (or education) in the field of business management and/or finance

      We know that perfect candidates don’t exist, so even if not all of this applies to you, we’d love to learn more about you! 

      Don't worry about formalities. We care about you and your motivation – not the font size of your CV. Feel free to contact us via e-mail, give us a call, drop by the office, or send a pigeon our way. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!